I am so thankful you found us! I have owned More To Hug Fashions 16+ since 1980. Being a plus sized woman, I was frustrated by the lack of color and the bullet proof polyester that was offered in the stores. We had only brown, navy blue, black and if you were really lucky burgundy to choose from, as far as color was concerned. I am very feminine and love color and pretty prints. I love, love, love florals! I had the money but could not find anything that I wanted to buy. I knew lots of plus sized woman and they had the same problem. More To Hug Fashions was born. I carry sizes 14-32. My 5X customers deserved pretty things too! I also love wearable art and have artists make designs just for us. When I have time to paint, you will se my designs too.

I have manufactured my own silk clothing as well as jeans, so I know both the retail as well as the manufacturing side of plus size fashion. I always encouraged manufacturers to send me their fit samples and I tried them on my customers and helped with fit problems. On of my favorite designers started doing plus size but you could not sit down! She was tiny and didn't take into consideration that we needed sit room!

I started in Camarillo Ca., where I live, and expanded to Thousand Oaks, Santa Barbara and St. Thomas Virgin Islands. Now I am internet based but still do trunk shows in the Camarillo area. I have a web store moretohugfashions.com as well as an e-bay store. In moretohugfashions.com you will find mostly Vikki Vi. It is that good! I love it and so do my customers! I love helping plus sized ladies look beautiful and that is exactly what I have been blessed to do for the last 25+ years. Make sure to sign my mailing list at the top of my moretohugfashions.com home page. You will know when new things are coming first! Welcome to the More to hug fashions family!
Blessings, Lin