Vikki Vi slinky is the best slinky on the market. In my 25+ years of experience owning plus sized stores, from California to the Virgin Islands, Vikki Vi has always been one of my top designers. If you own some other slinky, you know that lighter slinky might be cheaper, but it shows freckles you didn't even know you had! The weight of Vikki's slinky is heavy enough to hang and move beautifully. It washes like a dream and you cannot wrinkle it.

The other huge benefit to using Vikki Vi is the blacks will always match! Black is the hardest dyelot to match, but with Vikki Vi you are safe. Even prints with a black ground will match. I have relied on Vikki Vi for 25 yrs. and so can you. It is the foundation for any wardrobe and any occasion. If you haven't tried it you are in for a treat! Welcome to Vikki Vi.
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